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We all heard about extraordinary costs of designs in the newest technologies, but the availability of reasonably priced IP coupled with good performance of older, less expensive technologies and competition between design service companies opens new doors for designs that bring all benefits of silicon integration without incurring prohibitive development costs. You just need to have the right experience to avoid common pitfalls.

We spent less than $3M on one of my recent designs and we had only 4 in-house engineers. Please contact me you'd like to learn more

I was involved in all aspects of semiconductor design, including architecture, RTL development, verification, physical design, EDA software, embedded software, IP development and IP acquisition.

How I can help

Project Management

Whether it is software or hardware or both, somebody must make sure that all pieces fall together, that nothing falls through the cracks, that the project critical path is monitored and that all stake holders know the status. No project ever goes as planned, to make informed decisions, you must be informed. It is insufficient for the project manager to only collect reports, he must actively interpret information received and that requires experience. Experience I gained in thirty years of engineering management.


You have an idea and market requirements. How do you translate it into specifications that development engineers can understand? How do you make sure that the whole is more than just the sum of parts and that parts fit like pieces of a puzzle? It isn't sufficient for chip architecture to be comprehensive, detailed, while easy to understand, using every square milimeter and megahertz available, it ultimately must be beautiful. My architectures are beautiful. That's when your product wins.


Which IP to buy? How do you evaluate service providers? What to do in house and what to outsource? What deliverables do you need and when? Which technology should you use and which foundry? What should be you verification methodology? Should you start with a shuttle? How about building first a FPGA prototype? You don't want to negotiate contract agreements, but your in-house lawyers are not helping. How should you verify that your silicon meets the specs? I've done all that, I can help.


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